Braydon Szafranski

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

It was definitely a privelage to meet and hang out with Braydon at the recent Maloof Money Cup here in South Africa.  Nice to see a pro-skater that get’s involved with everything that’s goin on with the locals.  I think my favorite memory was walking across from our hotel to the campsite late one night to see what was goin on.  There were kids everywhere, just goin crazy!  We walked to the back of the campsite where some locals had formed a huge cirlce around some burning tyres!  The scene was insaen and I’m sorry now that I never took my camera with me.  Kids were standing around the tyres as the smoke bellowed into the skies above and some other brave dudes started jumping over the tyres, through the flames!  Once the locals realised that Braydon was there, they went comepletely nuts!  Once again, so cool to see a famous guy just hangin out and getting the locals stoked!  Braydon even joined the craziness and jumped through the towering flames and thick black smoke which got the locals goin even more!  Here are a couple portraits I shot with Braydon during some “free time” away from the skating and all the craziness.

Winter Tragedy

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

Shacks are a very common site in Johannesburg but unfortunately, stories of them burning to the ground are also very common, especially in winter.  On a recent trip back from the downtown area of Johannesburg, my friend and I spotted some dark smoke rising in the not too far distance.  We decided to get a closer look and see if there were any photo oppertunities to be had.  These are some of the photos I shot and which have been used on our facebook page to help get donations out to the families which have lost their homes and all their belongings.


Woodland Kingfisher

Friday, March 30th, 2012

Before posting photos of my wildlife shots, I always like to read up about the animals and learn a bit about their behaviour etc.  Turns out, while these guys look really cute and friendly, they are heavily territorial and will attack other intruders with force!  Including humans!  They are also a migratory species of Kingfisher and usually fly back to the Equitorial zones during the dry seasons.  We spotted many of them on a recent trip to the Kruger National Park and these are some of the shots.  Taken with my Canon 400mm lens(2 top images) and a Canon 600mm lens(bottom image) which the guys at Arrow Photo gave to me to try out for the week!  Needless to say it was awesome!

Tree Frog

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

I recently purchased a new Canon 50mm Macros Lens from Arrow Photo and took it with on a trip to Durban to celebrate my wife’s cousin’s 30th birthday and also to see their new house!  One of my favourite things about Durban is the amount of wildlife that still lives in and around the gardens within the city, it’s pretty amazing!  Reptiles are plentiful and with a bit pateince and time one can walk around pretty much any given garden and find some really interesting little critters.  I like to spend the evenings out in the dark with my flash light, searching the ground and the trees for creatures of the night!  I was hoping to find some Chameleons but I settled for this guy as I have never seen one or been lucky enough to photograph one before!  He was sitting high up in a tree, outta my reach so I had to use a long palm leaf to get him down and then convince him to join me in the living room for a little photo shoot, needless to say it all went well and I had him back out in the yard on his perch in no time at all!

Alan and his Guitars

Monday, September 12th, 2011

I can’t remember the last time I met someone that is so passionate about what they do or perhaps I just haven’t.  I spend quite a lot of time at Alan’s house since he is my brother in law but I can honestly say we don’t spend much time speaking to one another and not because we don’t want to, rather cause he is usually playing 1 of his guitars.  On my last visit I decided to get my camera out when I heard him start rocking out in his bedroom.  I shot these photos as the sounds reverberated off the walls and while Alan explained to me the differences between his guitars.  Alan’s band, ‘Zebra & Giraffe’are currently one of the top headlining bands here in South Africa. Check em out!