Chacma Baboons in Chobe National Park

Monday, August 27th, 2012

I recently camped at “Ihaha” camp in Chobe National Park, right on the banks of the Chobe River.  Early morning drives were always a success as the daytime animals started getting ready for whatever may lie ahead.  Troops of Chacma Baboons would come down from their tree-top sleeping places to get some sun and grooming time in before heading off to find food in the bush.  I always like to turn my car off and sit and watch them for a while, it can be quite comical to watch the young enteracting the the adults, the photographic oppertunities are actually endless.  These guys were just a few km’s from where we camped.


Chacma Baboons

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

These guys are quite common throughout Southern Africa as they are able to adapt very well to all kinds of environments.  There are actually 3 sub-species of Baboons that occur throughout their range in Southern Africa.  The ‘Cape Chacma’ is the larger of the 3 and has black feet.  The ‘Grey-Footed Chacma’ occurs from the northern parts of South Africa and into Zambia, these are generally smaller and have grey feet.  The smallest of the 3 sup-species is found in Namibia and into Angola, they are known as the ‘Ruacana Chacma Baboons’.  The best way to appreciate Baboons is to turn off your car engine and sit and watch them, I have found early morning to be the best time to do this.  We sat and watched these guys for about an hour in the Kruger Park recently and I managed to snap these shots.