Tree Frog

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

I recently purchased a new Canon 50mm Macros Lens from Arrow Photo and took it with on a trip to Durban to celebrate my wife’s cousin’s 30th birthday and also to see their new house!  One of my favourite things about Durban is the amount of wildlife that still lives in and around the gardens within the city, it’s pretty amazing!  Reptiles are plentiful and with a bit pateince and time one can walk around pretty much any given garden and find some really interesting little critters.  I like to spend the evenings out in the dark with my flash light, searching the ground and the trees for creatures of the night!  I was hoping to find some Chameleons but I settled for this guy as I have never seen one or been lucky enough to photograph one before!  He was sitting high up in a tree, outta my reach so I had to use a long palm leaf to get him down and then convince him to join me in the living room for a little photo shoot, needless to say it all went well and I had him back out in the yard on his perch in no time at all!

Resident Toad

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

It’s summer time here in Johannesburg and that usually means, lots of rain, lots of insects and, of course, lots of critters that like to eat the insects!  Toads are quite common around these parts but, it’s not as common to see them in your yard every other night, hopping around.  I’ve spotted this guy on a couple of occasions now, just cruising the yard so, I decided it was time to shoot some photos of him/her.  Enjoy!