Obama in San Francisco

Barack Obama was recently in San Francisco for one of his dinner ‘fund raiser’ things.  There were a lot of angry people out front of the hotel, holding up some offensive banners and getting in arguments with other people that had different views to theirs.  We stood around the other side of the hotel where the more ‘mellow’ people were standing, in hope of a glimpse of the president.  I didn’t get to see him, well, not until later on that is.  It just so happened that he was leaving the hotel as I was walking back down this way later that evening and I got a glimpse of him driving by in his limo, followed by many cops on bikes and in cars, it was really something to see.  This picture is of one of the banners that were being held up out front of the hotel.  I got the feeling they didn’t like Barack Obama too much.  I shot this with my Contax G1 film camera.

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  1. sarah Says:

    crazy cool picture

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