Madagascar and Nosy Be island.

I recently went on Honeymoon with my wife Sarah to Madagascar, needless to say, it was totally amazing and very different to anything I have ever experienced!  I was totally humbled by the native people, living off approximately $1 per day and still, they are hardly ever without a smile, just doing what they have to do.  Oh, these are also the first pictures I have blogged so I hope this works!

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6 Responses to “Madagascar and Nosy Be island.”

  1. sarah Says:

    wow! wow! wow! good job on your first post! love these pics x

  2. Marcus Maschwitz Photography Says:

    Holy cow man, these are incredible. That place looks amazing. I want to go there. I want to go there right now. Really really rad man, put more up, I know you have more. Will look at these over and over again. So good. Yay for your new blog and actually blogging on it. Miss you.

  3. Byron Says:

    WOW Uncle Are You Dee Eye ;)
    There are some amazing photos here. Especially love the silhouette one, and the evening seascape/landscape one.

    Your portraiture and depth of field on the lizard ones are also really great.


  4. Lorelei Says:


  5. Ockie Says:

    Good stuff.

  6. Martin Brundrett Says:

    Nice post. Keep up the good work.

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