1 Year Ago Today…

It’s been exactly 1 year ago to this day that I walked out onto the Golden Gate Bridge with Sarah and proposed to her…  It was rainy on the day and I was worried we would get soaked and the mood wouldn’t be exactly how I wanted it to be!  Typical of San Francisco weather, the rain cleared for just long enough so that I could pop the big old question, get off the bridge and meet some freinds for a little celebration!  Golden Gate Bridge will always be special to Sarah and I.  Here are some pictures I thought I would upload in honor of that day!

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2 Responses to “1 Year Ago Today…”

  1. Marcus Maschwitz Says:

    Dude, these are really good. I love the way that bridge looks. There is a really big one here that I want to go photograph one day. Will make it part of my list. Haha. Really like these a lot though. One year today you became a sucker and another statistic. Oh yeah, just like me. Fun times man.

  2. sarah Says:

    aah! i love you!! i love the memory of that special day and i love these pics!! xxx

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